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VANDANA = Offering Gratitude For Blessings Received

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The Vandana Center is a multi faceted healing environment in Aberdeen, Monmouth County, NJ. Workshops for all aspects of mind, body, and spirit are offered by a diverse group of teachers from our local spiritual community. The Vandana Center also hosts a variety of Yoga classes with private sessions available for individuals and groups. Your visit to the Vandana Center will provide you with personalized care and attention in a non-rushed atmosphere.

About Abhaya Cordova:
Abhaya Cordova is a Master Energy Therapist, Massage therapist, Yoga instructor and Theta Healing Teacher. She offers a spiritual perspective to bodywork understanding of the human energy field. She has studied the human body and the effect of the mind and emotions on the body's healing ability since 1999. Abhaya's philosophy is to support the healing process by clearing old thoughts and patterns so the spirit can reveal its true nature, which is peace. The body has the innate ability and wisdom to heal itself; we must clear the way to allow that healing to take place.

Abhaya's background as a Master Energy and Massage therapist involves many different healing modalities including Theta Healing™, IET, Reiki, Massage, Yoga and more - all of which are incorporated in the various treatment packages. Abhaya offers instruction in Integral and YLS inspired Yoga, Traditional Usui Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and Theta Healing™ at The Vandana Center. She is available for private sessions to families, groups and individuals. Abhaya Cordova is available by appointment at The Vandana Center.

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The Vandana Center
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